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Every Aspect of Golf Has Seen Technological Advancements.

Except One.

The Future is Now

Meet FTR Golf Canada

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We’re Driven By Technology. You Get To Ride It

The FTR Golf Car is Different. And it’s The Advancement The Game Deserves.

When we set out to build the FTR Golf Car, we knew we’d have to go further, faster and longer. We did just that. And then some. The FTR Golf Car lasts longer.  That means your fleet can go further with fewer cars. Exactly how they go is up to you. This is where the rubber meets the grass


More Power, Lighter Battery

The FTR lithium-ion battery reduces the car battery weight by 2/3s. That equals a better drive and increased car performance.


Charge less. Earn more. Compared to regular lead-acid batteries, FTR lithium-ion batteries cut your charge times in half.

The FTR 105 amp-hour battery is the largest battery offered in the market

The FTR battery and quick coupling cable system is protected from the elements using the IP67 waterproofing standard and watertight box technology.

The Lithium-Ion battery is completely maintenance-free. You will never have to water and clean your batteries again.


We’re powered by our love of the game. Our Cars are powered by the sun.

Harness the power of the sun for two decades.

Our Solar Drive has a 20-year lifespan.


Program Speed and Torque to your Performance Expectations

The FTR programmable controller can be optimized to improve
hill-climbing torque, speed, performance and energy efficiency

Use the Programmable Controller to create 
the experience you want your golfers to have. 
Adjust performance characteristics such as 
flat with speed, hilly with speed and added 
torque for off-road terrains where hills require 
a bigger push. 

Customized programming creates the experience you want to have. Performance characteristics such as flat with speed, hilly with speed and torque and added torque for off-road where hills require a bigger push.




  • Standard Built-in Bluetooth stereo with two waterproof speakers

  • Stereo, AUX, USB Connections

  • 2 x 2.1 AMP USB Chargers for any device

  • 12V Charging Receptacle



  • 14” wheels with stylish rims

  • Cooler, Ball Washer & Sand bottle

  • Folding windshield

  • Club cover


Incredible golf cars.

Unparalleled service.

We’re proud of our golf cars. When you get them on your course, you will be too. More than a comprehensive warranty—although we have that too—FTR Golf Cars come with a promise. When your cars need service, you are our priority. Call us, someone will answer—a real human being dedicated to making your day easier.


We’ll send a skilled technician your way. Not through an outsourced service that doesn’t know the product, but through us, from us, for you.


Quality control will always be under our control. We’re alongside for the ride, ensuring that your cars run smoothly and any downtime feels like no time at all. We know this product like you know your back nine. Our advanced component design ensures that the fix is within reach, and the knowledge of our technicians makes it happen fast.

FTR Service Promise Wordmark_WHITE.png


We’re FTR co founders, Sean Mills and Garrett Fraser. As PGA of Canada professionals, we’ve spent time on the links and in the office managing courses. We know what a well-run course feels like and what it takes to run a course well.


Throughout our travels in tournaments or simply playing for fun, one detail has always stood. No matter how incredible a course was, the golf carts didn’t measure up. For a game fueled by passion and advanced by technology—that made little sense. But we saw it as an opportunity. Then we got to work.


Today, we design and assemble our Golf Cars in Wainwright, Alberta. Using advanced Solar Drive technology, and building with comfort and convenience in mind, our Cars don’t just look great. They last longer and run better too. Improving the golf experience is at the core of FTR. But those aren’t just words. We invest in research and development to make it happen. Just like the game we all love, we’re always moving forward.


We’re proud of our products. We believe in them. FTR Golf Cars will elevate the game for golfers everywhere.


This is where the rubber meets the grass.



Sean Mills, Owner

PGA of Canada Professional

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Garrett Fraser, Owner

PGA of Canada Professional

PGA Logo 2.png

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